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These works are inspired by dreams and visions, which in turn have often been inspired by the photographs I have taken. In some cases they are inspired by the events or emotions I experienced when I was there, using the camera. There are other times however, when such visions have been born out of other events, such as a forewarning, the sixth sense going into overdrive. And in these cases I find it cathartic to sort through my back catalogue and choose images to make sense of it.

Some of these works are a meditation on the human condition. Again, I may have been looking at an image and then I find I am musing on something that I find the image is telling me and a deeper meaning reveals itself. A few words get jotted down and then the next thing I know is that it has turned into an epic, as some of these works can be four or five pages long.

I have learnt over time that it is essential I have a notebook with me. I keep one by my bedside as it is not unknown for me to wake up in the night with poetry rattling around in my brain. I have to jot it down then as it has just gone in the morning and I cannot remember it. During the day words will come to me and they go in the notebook as well. They often marry up with an image later.

It seems as though the brain is still working even when you think you are not thinking about it! The important thing to do is to just let it flow, not question it, just write it down. The connections will come through later.




DSCF0047 copy 3.jpg





From The 

In-Between Worlds

Photobook Collection


Shelley Turner



It was here my heart split open

Cracked open in grief

I knew that nothing would ever be the same

No use turning over a new leaf

DSCF0002 copy 2.jpg



Rather it was time to embrace the sacred

Let the shivering light entrance my senses

Revealing a brief glimmer of the otherworld

That I always knew was there


I see flowers on the walls in your citadel

And flowers carpeting the ground

You surround me with your beauty

Waiting until my inner walls fall down

DSCF0047 copy 2.jpg
DSCF0123 copy.jpg


I know the way into your citadel now

Its still me but now a different day

You were locked up in my fortress with me

I just had to see you in a new way



DSCF0127 copy.jpg

So I am in-between here now

This is where it all began

Where I could at last see your face

Where I no longer ran

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner


Set Me Free

Set Me Free

The world will never cage my mind

I will always fly free

As the birds I so love

All I need is the air I breathe

And the food I eat

Even this I would forgo

If I could live on your love alone

To share your compassion

And show the way with kindness

You gifted me with your five wounds

An empathy of pain

But also of acceptance

That truth is not easy

That you might have to choose

To live your life on your own

We are all creatures of nature

We come from the same source

Divine in its beauty

Breathtaking in its design

Set on its course

Helping each other navigate through life

Creates a chain reaction

Of love and less remorse

Photography and Poetry By Shelley Turner


Stained Glass Window of St. Francis of Assisi

St. Mary's Church, Eastbourne, Sussex, UK.


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