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Walking Between Worlds

These poems are inspired by that element of the shifting past that sometimes finds its way into the present. Time to me has always felt fluid, my camera looking to capture those moments where the barriers have become thin, where you might just step through.

Kairos. That indescribable moment in time that may never come again, where the longing in your soul is so strong it can change your life for ever.

It is not always in our conventional sacred places that these links in time can occur, although by their nature they can be very strong here. There are some other places that open a way through to the different eras in history and glimpses into the future. Sometimes you stumble across them, right place, right time. Other times it is a matter of finding the right connection, if you know where to look.

The universe is in constant flow and movement, destruction and resurrection. Never really still. In the same way it seems to me time flows backwards and forwards, the continual stream allowing access. To travel in time is to visit a memory, to relive it, rather than just remember.

With these poems my camera looks into other worlds.

When I Go To Leave





When I Go To Leave

When I go to leave

I am already looking forward 

To when I can see you again


For now, I walk towards you

In my mind


For now, I remember the peace 

You gave me


When I return my spirit 

Will run ahead of me, 

Home at last.

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Talking To Ghosts



Talking To Ghosts

Do not be left talking to ghosts

Seeking a forgiveness that never heals

Because to forgive can be hard for one person

When you can no longer see love in their eyes


We hurt because we love

The two seem to be inclusive

But not to love is to be hollow

Emptied out, a useless void


How to be remembered?

How to have lived?

Love will always go deeper 

Than any anger outlived and regretted

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner








I look across my fields to you 

And I know that I am home

I would find you here I know

If ever we should part


You are in my blood and in my veins

You are my living heart

There is nowhere I would rather be

If ever we should part


Promise you will wait for me

Even if the years go by

We can grow the wheat again 

If ever we should part


Lets bring in our harvest

Until the end of time

Love will outlast all eternity

If ever we should part

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

An Ancient Memory




An Ancient Memory

Your thoughts linger in ancient dust

Like a fingernail trailing through ash

Feeling the warmth of the hot desert stone

That caressed your tired restless feet


And the scent of remembered spices

Pulls you back to your caged secrets

The terrors and the beauty of this world

Guarantee that you dance with shadows


Hankering after tempting echoes

Whispering through old walls

The past is like an old acquaintance 

Who catches up with us all in the end


This work was inspired by the novels:

Baratanac by D. J. Swales and

A Green and Ancient Light by Frederic S. Durbin

Photography and Poetry by Shelley Turner

The Last Gate









The Last Gate

I have broken time

Travelled across dimensions

Lived many lifetimes

In many incarnations

Watched suns die

And moons collide

To finally achieve

Here on this earth with you 

Transformation to the true self

And become pure empathy

Complex divinity

All barriers defeated

Sown the seeds

Of hope

Lit the light

In the darkness

So you can follow


What is death but a sidestep

To another self

I am changed but not changed

Complete instead

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Dedicated to my Mother

3DSCF1500 copy.jpg
Come Back With Me

Come Back With Me

I feel as though I am waiting

For you to just come back to me later in the day

As if you had never really gone at all

These tears, these tears continue to fall

I just cannot describe

How I still wait for your call

Often it feels like you are here

But then I wake up and remember it all

The clock ticks on the wall

I still keep apologising for things I haven't done

Yes I am living, but I do not move on

Things are just peculiar, they are just wrong

It's strange, because when you left

I didn't feel it would be for long

Your presence was always so strong

I seem to circle around the absence of you

Forgetting, talking out loud

But missing you, what am I to do

I know you are going to surprise me

I'll turn and see you there smiling

Please just come back with me

And we'll forget you ever went at all

Lets go back down the hill together

There's that new dance band on at the hall

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Red Yew Berries



From The


Photobook Collection

Shelley Turner


Red Yew Berries

Do not worry or fear for me

Because I have always loved this place

And in a certain time and a certain hour

I will always be waiting for you

Patiently under the yew



When you walk over the red yew berries

Still falling from this guardian of ages

In a certain time and a certain hour

Remember that I said to you

We would find each other soon



The yew will gather our scattered strands

And tie them together once more

And in a certain time and a certain hour

We will be with each other again

Watching the red yew berries fall


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner



Remnant Of A Memory

Remnant Of A Memory

All I have left are memories

Of how it used to be for us

Tell me some of that was true

Tell me some of that was real

I didn't imagine you laughing

Or dancing in the rain

Seems I helped you forget

For a while, to dull the pain

Now I walk with another

Until I see you again

He is a presence in the light

A spirit, caught in my camera frame

He helps me see you

In our favourite places

Rediscovering treasure

In those lost forgotten spaces

Do not worry, he tells me

Although nothing stays the same

That was more real than anything

Love does not need words to remain


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Far From The Madding Crowd

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Poem and Image inspired by Thomas Hardy's Novel:

"Far From The Madding Crowd"

Far From The Madding Crowd

Even though you think

You know somewhere

And have explored it many times

Your whole life through

Nature likes to remind us

That this is just not true

Simply seeing what you know

But from a different view

Can radically alter your perception

Of what you thought you knew

It can jolt you out of complacency

Change the pattern of your life 

Enable you to really see

How to move forwards again

Start a new chapter

Part two if you like

Nature is very wise

She knows exactly what you need

Even before you do

So it seems

Meet Me Here

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Meet Me Here

Meet me here over the river

But I don't know how long I can stay

The memories of you still linger

Is it best to leave it that way

Meet me here over the river

The sun shone so brilliantly that day

Until the clouds moved over

And heartbreak was on its way

Meet me here over the river

It now feels like another life

One I couldn't believe I was living

Until fate intervened with such strife

Meet me here over the river

This time I'll come and say goodbye

I am not sure you are forgiven

And this time I don't think I can lie

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