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Remember Me 

Sometimes when I am visiting a church and its churchyard, or somewhere within the landscape, or to be entirely honest, anywhere, I can be aware of a presence around me. These can be modern environments, but often I find, if I am aware of any contact it is usually, but not exclusively, related to the past. Whatever time frame it falls into it can be very powerful in its intensity. It seems to make no difference to the emotions felt.

Just because something happened many years ago does not mean those feelings have faded. Depending on what it is, it may have even got stronger. Sometimes this feels like a replay on a loop, like a trapped video. Other times it is more personal, when the contact is more direct.

When this happens it can be very emotional and desperately sad, but also there are times when it can be delightful, funny and very poignant. There are times when it can be difficult and also uncomfortable. Discretion is needed.

My overriding impression is that often it is enough that I have listened. Each soul has a story. We all do. Some of these stories my camera has paid homage to. Some of these stories are here in poetry and images, so they are not forgotten, so I can share them with you.

These Hills



These Hills

These hills comfort me

I imagine you walking towards me

Through the church gate

As ever, rarely late


How we loved this beautiful view

Shared by the ancients

And maybe an angel or two

For us, that was a joy that grew


These hills were in our blood

And the chalk was like our bones

Souls drifting in the meadow grass

Memories like shadows fleeting past


You know that I am always here

Not far from the path

Or from where we used to sit

Laughter and love in our hearts

7DSCF1831 copy.jpg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

6DSCF1604 copy.JPG
DSCF2670.jpg 1.jpg


The choices we make remain etched on our life

Navigating through fate

Sometimes we dance with alchemy

Choosing the ninth gate


Others choose more wisely

Learning perhaps, to hesitate

But sometimes we just cannot wait

Like the White Rabbit, ‘I shall be too late!’


Constant juxtaposition

Retreat or escape

Or a happy medium

Which might just turn into tedium


Our choices make up our chapters

Rushing towards the epilogue

Of the greatest story ever told

Everything turning into gold



Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner





We light a candle, we place flowers

We think of them, we say a prayer


We do this in memory of our dead

Through joy and pain, grief and love


Each soul who has lived on this earth

Creates a weaving pattern


That connects us all together

United by the same mortal end


Its the one thing we all share

The snapping of the silver thread


So we light a candle, we place flowers

We honour all the days of the dead

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

4DSCF1909 copy.JPG
Cross in The Meadow


Cross in The Meadow

Here you are again beloved

Making your way through the meadow

I am here waiting for you amid the flowers

The daisies like falling snow on a spring day


I know you still dream of me

When the blood ran like wine

Over the unforgiving stones

Quickly, back, back into the land 


Why do you come here still my love

Haunting this meadow in your own lifetime?

Does your own restless soul

Never leave you alone?


I sought mine with a simple cross

Never expecting it to last this long

But still I remain, remembered 

Like another, on a hill, far away


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

The Last Caretaker

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

The Last Caretaker

I keep moving

And I keep searching

As I am the last one here

It is my task

To haunt this ground

And make sure

Everything is still sound

When everything shifts

This universe exists

In this stillness

A creeping hush

It is a half world

Looking the same 

But simply not

On the edge of night

Lit by a glimmering light

Not seen by many

So you might wish

You had never come

So whatever you do

Or else you will stay

Please heed this advice

And don't ever mention 

your name...

DSCF7509 copy.jpeg
DSCF7508 copy.jpeg


It's the same in every churchyard you said

These memories of endless love

Etched out in unforgiving stone

But I would rather you told me now

Rather than when I am cold and dead

I thought we would be together

I didn't think I would be here alone

The stones are more for the living

A promise never to forget

A love to go on

I expect you think me ridiculous

Tidying up the flowers and the edges

As if you were still in bed

But I miss you my darling

So I have to be here instead


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF3034.jpg. Before Time Takes Me Away copy 2.jpg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner


Before time takes me away

Could you please remember me

I died before the Great War

Amid terrible uncertainty

The lichen will erase my life soon

As if I had never been

But you stand there wondering 

If you are going to see the same thing

I sense you reaching for me

As someone who faces such turmoil

How can this be happening again

Was it the same for me

My advice to you would be to live

Love and care for those around you

But try to do what you wish

Find something that fulfils you

Treat it as if it were a gift

Just living is remarkably special

Do not waste a moment on hesitation

And always try to remember

The wise words of the dead

An Enchanted Evening

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

An Enchanted Evening

You know where to find me my love

The place I first fell in love with you

On an enchanted evening

When you were all I knew

We looked across this treasured land

That late warm summer evening

And then you gallantly took my hand

And more or less promised me the moon

I find myself coming back here

As half of me has gone

I am not complete without you dear

The days are just too long

But you tasked me with a promise

To look after what we loved

Soil to till and seeds to sow

Stay my love and watch it grow

So I come here and think of you

Trying to sense you near

I talk to you and tell you things

Hoping you can still hear

I Can't Believe You Left

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

I Can't Believe You left

So many times I have come back here

Because this was where we were last

We stood looking at each other

And I wondered even then

If the time for a chance for love had past

I couldn't hold you at this bridge

I was frightened to even touch

We stayed a little distance apart

As if life was intent on mocking us

And it might make it even worse


Your call-up papers came between us

The war was deciding our fate

You had to go the next day

We waited too long for no reason

And now there was every reason to stay


It's been a year now with no news

Missing in action they tell me

I am in limbo what am I to do

Except wait by the bridge over the river

And hope that I see you one day soon

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