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The Shining

There is something so beautiful about those golden hours that photographers are always talking about. Sunrise and sunset. My favourite tends to be twilight, and that probably comes as no surprise! This is the time when everything slows down, becomes quieter. But also at the same time there can be an expectant feeling in the air, as if something might, could happen, and often does to me.


This liminal quality can be haunting, eerie, a sense of the unknown hovering around the edges. The sacred flows through time itself. I have always been entranced by this time and when I have waited just that little bit longer for the afternoon to pass, something seems to happen where the light creates a magical atmosphere and some of my favourite images come from this time of day.


The phrase that Stephen King uses in his novels for people with a developed sixth sense, or psychic abilities, 'Shining', is a beautiful word for a difficult gift. I have always used this phrase when referring to the 'Shining Ones' I have sensed around me, certainly if there is any sense of divinity to the being near me. But also to those elements in the landscape where things are not so clear. Those aspects that are not primitive, but are primal. Events that can run a chill up the spine but also generate incredible joy. Events that are difficult to explain but are never forgotten.

Capturing this with a camera is not easy. It is like trying to translate a feeling into an image. But sometimes it is visible, and the quality of light changes with the atmosphere and with the heavy stillness comes a shimmering appearance. However, by the time you have got yourself together enough to use the camera to photograph what you are seeing the presence has often gone.  

The Shining come to you, recognising a kindred spirit. Almost impossible to predict, it can happen out of the blue, or you can walk right in on it. The only thing that is certain is that you will always remember it.


DSCF1466 copy 2.jpg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner



The otherworld feels so close

I cannot resist you

You beckon me 

Always to follow

Something tells me

There may be no return

Or if I do

I will not be the same

You want to change me

But I have been stubborn

Yet here you are

Showing me the way

My heart wants to break

To let your light inside me

But it will be the last break

I may not recover from

But I sense a freedom

My spirit aches unrelenting 

Always searching

For what I did not know

Until I felt you

Understood you

Like a part of me

I had lost each day

A leap of faith then

For the light to find its way

Let the shattered pieces

Fall where they may

White Shadow



White Shadow

One day you will see me brighter than the sun

And we will share our lives again

I am your white shadow

I do not want you to fear the dark


One day we will run and ride together again

Our bonds too strong to break

I will carry you to the end of time

And even then beyond the gate


One day you will be with me

And I will gently shine by your side

A light to always comfort you 

My strength your daily guide


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF3345 copy.jpg
The Hawk
DSCF8890 2.jpg

The Hawk

The hawk stood like a sentinel over its prey

Waiting for the absence of life to pass

Because the stillness of death is like no other 

Uncanny, like you have walked in on something uninvited


The hawk is patient, as the spirit tries to break free of its bonds

Unravelling, escaping, pressure released into the void

These seconds of time seem to stretch out

Elastic, ready to accommodate another soul


Gradually the charged atmosphere bleeds away

The cover is peeled back and time returns

The hawk with swift movements gathers up its kill

And rises, flying up into the sky

DSCF3633 2.jpg
DSCF8837 2.jpg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Leave A Wish
DSCF4323 2.jpeg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner


Leave A Wish

I have left a wish rag on the tree

Please, please listen to me

By all that you are

And all that is to be

Please listen to me

How much more must I bleed

You alone know what I need

Your endless care of countless years

That smooth evergreen touch

Saved for the ones you love so much

But we have bound you

And we have staked you

Seems we are fond of doing that

We lost another precious son

Uncaring in this way, seems you match

But I also need to rage and cry

And this tree knows my pain

It has seen it, again and again

When I sought my revenge

There is no end to such shame

You shelter us from our fears

Peaceful space, for endless years

But sometimes I need the old wisdom

Hoarded like a summer's harvest

As only you have seen in your lifetime

So I have left a wish rag on the tree

Please, please listen to me

By all that you are

And all that is to be

Please listen to me

Lights of The Faerie





From The


Photobook Collection 



Shelley Turner


Lights of The Faerie

Dancing lights move around me

I am one step away from the otherworld

Am I trespassing being here

Twilight coming down

All was still, silent as the grave

So they say, but not so quiet after all

As everything shimmered

And look, here they are once more



Shining, moving, a faerie glitter ball

Welcome to the King's hall

Stay at your peril, stay in thrall

But just accept you may not leave at all

Maybe you got more

Than what you bargained for

So what can you give in return I wonder

Just don't eat the food, you've heard the rule



Because the real question is

Are you enchanted enough to stay

If not don't move a step

But if yes, then throw your cares away

You might not come back

For a hundred years

And what would you find?

Only the dust of your life and tears

DSCF2405 copy.jpeg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner


Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate

Where have you been?

We have been waiting for you


He is holding the gate open for us

Let's ride back to him

You didn't think I would forget did you?

Come on, he is waiting

There, we can ride on the wind

Run forever over the Downs as one

Hearts beating together

Our work here is done

For my sister-in-law, Kim


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Waiting For You

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Waiting For You

The light has nearly gone

And I have been waiting

Waiting for you

I have lost track of the years

And all those tears

That I have shed for you

Will you come for me this night

End my yearning, my breaking heart

The earth keeps turning

Seasons passing

But I'm still burning

Burning for you

Time has lost its meaning for me

You were the light of my world

My soulmate, my love unfurled

But now you are leaving

Always leaving

Wounding me anew

End Of The Day

End Of The Day

The sun sets on our hopes and dreams

On our longings and despairs

But in this soft twilight time

We can allow our thoughts to surface

It is time to be yourself

And let the wishes linger

For the dreams to take shape

And the future beckon

Because the sun will rise again

And the new day is another chance

To share what you can do

Even if its just a loving glance 

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

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