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The Never Ending Quest

To be at one with the Heart of The Rose is to travel deeper into Christian Mysticism, and there are many routes to that centre and it holds different meanings for different people within the faith that they follow. But the common theme is the longing to be at one with your God. The Rose at the Heart of the Cross can symbolise Christ himself, the very Heart of the Cross. Or it can also symbolise the Virgin Mary, often known as the Heart of The Rose.

Many meanings have been attributed to the Rose Cross, depending on the source, and that symbolism fills many books on the topic and can be found elsewhere. But this is not what concerns me here. This is a personal exploration into the heart of mysticism, and I am using the analogy of the Heart of The Rose to explore my route to the Rose by the use of imagery and poetry.

However, one of the best examples of the use of the symbol of The Rose is the Stained Glass circular Rose Windows in medieval cathedrals and churches, the symbolism continued in some modern examples. The perfect fusion of light and symbol. I capture the light often in sacred places, placing a grail cup into the scene sometimes, to forge a deeper connection.

This connection is explored further by the addition of poetry in my my work, as I combine the image and written word. Poetry is for me, best written intuitively. A fascination overtakes me, and a deeper wisdom comes from what I feel is a divine source. The divine wisdom creates a divine obsession. I have to write.

The poems that will feature on this page will explore the landscape of the Heart of The Rose, as I travel further on my quest to understand the Divine Intelligence that guides me.

Child of The Sun


DSCF2767 2.jpg


From The

In-Between Worlds

Photobook Collection

Shelley Turner


DSCF2767 copy 2.jpg

Child of The Sun

You come here again

Like a ghost of a memory

Hoping the sun rekindles your flame

You can’t fool me

Haunting this place

Like an old spirit photograph

Escaped from the frame



I always loved your humour

I see nothing has changed

You tell me the sun always shines

Even behind the shadows


And nothing will ever stop you 

From seeking warmer days

You are a child of the sun

Remaining the same


DSCF2767.jpg tonal.jpg

Do you want me to follow then?

Child of the sun?

I will follow you

I will follow the sun

Because you are everything

You are the sun, seasons and moon

You are here, you are there

You are everywhere

You are perfect

Son of The Sun

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF0546 copy.jpg


In Gold

In Gold

Every mother's child

Deserves their own icon

And every mother's child

Is born divine

Each child is more precious

Than pearls or time

Innocence does not last long

Burnished in gold reminds us

Of promises foretold


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Returning To The Light

Returning To The Light

I just did not expect such a welcome

My heart was battered and bruised

Maybe it was more open

I felt a sense of recognition

As if you knew me better than myself

And looking back

Perhaps I was waiting for this moment

When I had nothing to hide

When I could come and find you

And leave behind my pride

You gave me back my sense of self

And love that I thought I had lost

Now I know you are with me

Constant and enduring

Like your Cross


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

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