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Personal Rapture

Revelations can reveal many things and mean many things to different people. The most bittersweet revelations can come from the most difficult experiences that we go through in life, the build up of stresses pushing us to a breaking point. But this is the turning point where we know we cannot go back, where nothing will ever be the same again. The only thing to do is to move forward, but it can be very hard to do.

This point of breaking, this snapping, can be a time of great spiritual revelation. When we are open to our emotions, when what we know has been stripped bare, what replaces it is a view into our own soul. It is an unflinching look at who we really are. From here we can make decisions with a better clarity, because we are not hiding from ourselves anymore.

At this point of a deeper understanding of who we are we can allow a spiritual guidance to enter our lives fully, as if we are reborn. It is as if a presence wants to fill that void in our soul that we have discovered and help us to recover and live a fuller, more rounded life. If this sounds as though I am speaking from experience, then that is correct.


For some, personal revelations can be more about acceptance. That acceptance can hold difficult choices that need to be made, but sometimes there is a sense of relief as well, as our true selves are revealed.


Revelations can also arrive in the form of foresight, or visions. Complicated, odd or full of symbols, visions can be a peculiar experience. But they can also be a signpost to a way forwards, or a warning. The instincts we have as humans are there to help us survive, but so are the mysteries of our lives, the things we cannot explain, but feel. And for some us we live our lives following those feelings, following our faith. 




From The

In-Between Worlds

Photobook Collection

Shelley Turner




Take this cup from me I beg you

Must I carry the burdens of the world

What kind of cruel god are you

To sacrifice me to the crowd

But what does that make me

When I have felt the love of friends

Call out to me in happiness

Following me even now at the end




I have tried to show them the way

I am not sure they understand

I owe them this final gift

So that they will not be afraid

I travel down into the darkness

My wounds searing on the way

I find the true face of evil

And my fears melt away




Even for you I can feel a kind of pity

I know you dislike the light of day

You cannot withstand me

Love always finds a way

Look, the light raises me

My friends will soon see me

Perhaps not as they expected

But they will know me all the same




All wounds will become healed

All hurts melt away

Know that I will always find you

Love is what will always remain

The cup will return to you

There for when you might need it

Even on a bright summer day

Asking you, will you come this way?

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner



So Near
DSCF3920 copy.jpeg

So Near

So near, yet so far

There were always barriers 

To my understanding

When I finally passed

Through the gate

You knew it would change me

And for good or worse

You tried to keep the wolf

From the door

I have missed, loved

And despaired over you

In equal measure

But now my footsteps

Must trace a different path

Following my own spirit

Down the labyrinth way

To those that know me

Accept me, understand me

Allow me to stay

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner



I am the Eagle of Revelations

I am the Eagle of The Word

I am the Eagle of St. John

And now I will be heard


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

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