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Returning Again

Here you will find the images and words trying to connect to form an entity. To express my delight and joy at being in these sacred spaces. About fifteen years ago when I changed my film camera to digital I revisited favourite locations with it. Now I am doing this again with a new mirrorless digital camera. However, some images here are taken with my previous digital camera, as it had such a good zoom lens. And I used it to help me to take pictures again, after a long absence. But then the poetry made an appearance, and something seemed to click, not just the camera.

One thing led to another and I updated my camera as I wanted to be able to use the range of different controls and filters available in the new cameras, chiefly to be able to stand in front of a scene and choose to shoot it in black and white if I wanted. Previously, only available in post production, or in the past, with black and white film. Still, it sharpened up your skills.

An alchemy seemed to occur between my images and words, brought about by my experiences in the beautiful places I have revisited, a wonderful homecoming. Close friends encouraged me to share these works, so they can be enjoyed by others.


I hope they bring you peace, reflection and time to reconnect with your soul.

A Constant Truth

A Constant Truth


I turned back and yes I found you

In a burst of love and memory

Forever etched on the walls

Like a granite psalm


Time will track its steady path

Across all of my horizons

But nothing will alter my discovery

Of the simple truth that love remains


I can take this forwards with me

A constant companion on my way

As sure as the sun in the heavens

And until the end of days

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF5364 copy.jpg

Votive I

Votive I


Remember the light of the heart never goes out

It burns bright for as long as you are with me

You can leave your grief with me

Shed your memories for a while


Until they are more bearable to carry

Until they no longer feel like a wound


I collect these lights

It is what I am made of

There are so many across your world


Why do you think I burn so bright?


Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Light In The Darkness

DSCF5874 copy.jpg
DSCF8834 copy.jpg



Light In The Darkness


In the dark of the night

In the velvet quiet

When all seems at a loss

I am the light in the darkness


There is courage shining in my windows

Such strength in my walls

And rest under my arches

But most of all there is love in the light


Listen to the song of the Archangels

They will bring down the light

And the valour of warriors

For the soul of man


I am the light in the darkness

You are never alone

Michael is beside you

He is always with you


He brings my light to you

He lends his strength to you

He fills you with courage

He takes your fear away


Listen to the song of the Archangels

They will bring down the light

And cherish you forever

Like one of their own this night

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Votive II


Votive II

What shall we call this, distanced lights?

But burn a light we shall

A light for a life 

A light for the dead


The flame is our last light of defiance

Our remembrance of our dead

We will keep back the eternal darkness

Until the last one of us is spent


A light for all to follow

A light to keep us together

Loss is a universal emotion

A right of passage unlooked for but sent


But a light helps us to remember

It is something we can share

It reaches beyond this poetry

Where no words need to be said

Dedicated to all those who have died in the Pandemic of Covid 19

Photography and Poetry by Shelley Turner

DSCF5757 copy.jpg

All Our Days


All Our Days

All our days

And all our nights

Add up to this

A record in stone

Hardly a throne

We return


From where 

We came

An endless existence

With futile resistance

To what must be

So the sum of our days

Are a tally of our soul

And what peace we find

Amid the chaos in our mind

Should count as precious 

As pure carbon diamonds

Littered on the path

As we try to follow 

In your footsteps

To where we could be

Finally home

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF5486 copy.jpg




You always shelter me from the rain

But you have been calling me

Again and again

I feel that soft breeze blowing

Your breath moving the air

It's always like you are waiting

While I have one foot on the stair

Each time I visit

I open my eyes more fully

And there you are

All brilliant and new

Making me always smile with you

No one knows me like you do

There is no need to explain

I am in a constant conversation

Your words like lights in my head

I kept thinking I would have time

For all of this much later

Plenty of years ahead

But here's another poem

Words spilling out instead

Now I find I have no wish to leave

Content in your presence

Watching the summer rain

Pour down yet again

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner


Dark Of The Night

DSCF5869 copy 2.jpeg

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Dark Of The Night

Look after me

In the dark of the night

On a winter's eve

When all I can see

Is the universe in your eyes

Endless and forever

Under these leaden skies

You gave me a chance to hope

Where I thought there was none

I heard your voice

Sensed your presence

Brighter than the sun

I walked on stardust

Into the labyrinth of time

Found you at the centre

And claimed you as mine

Now I welcome the darkness

I welcome the night

It means I can always travel

Across the bright heavens

Because I have fallen in love 

So deeply and completely

With the eternal divine




The Light In The Darkness

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

The Light In The Darkness

Let me shine for you

In the depths of your heart

Where you can always find me

Even alone in the dark

Something has sent you here

Seeking reassurance

A balm for your soul

For a love that did not last

Reach for me if you need to

In the well of silence

Push aside the shadows

That linger so often on your walls

You will see a light still burning

Gently at first welcoming you

Then like a blaze of pure glory

You will recognise me there with you

Chapel Of Miracles

Photography and Poetry by Shelley Turner

Written in December 2020, in between lockdowns, during the Covid Pandemic.

Chapel Of Miracles

Can I ask on this night

Of winter dark and cold light

That I might have a single miracle

And see you again in my heart

My body burns with such loss

And I cannot get any closer

In here now of all places

You have been sealed off

But really such rules do not matter

I can find you waiting within me

It was the quiet I needed

Without all the chatter

So I will stand here and wonder

While the world tears itself asunder

Why people cannot be still for a moment

And welcome the peace that you bring

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

The beauty of the morning

The glory of each day

I see through your layers

Outlined by the frame

The sight turns into a prayer

With no need for any words

Just the mere sight of you

Gladdens my heart so well

My spirit longs to be with you

To travel faster than the light

Break the bonds that hold me

And find my place at your side

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

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Sep 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful work, and your poem "Chapel of Miracles" will strike a chord with many I am sure.


Shell's Blog
Shell's Blog
Sep 21, 2023
Replying to

Thank you very much for your lovely comment!

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