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Grail Seeker

You have found your way to my life-long obsession. As I am writing this and thinking about it at the same time I have realised it has been with me since I was a child. It probably started off as just loving the shape of the Grail, which I still do, but when it became obvious I was always going to be involved in the Arts, also from a young age, and I found it featured in paintings, poems and novels I was hooked. Studies in theology followed, including the mysticism surrounding the whole corpus.

I have never really analysed why I am so fascinated, the Grail is just something that connects deeply to my soul. I look at my collection of Grails I have accumulated over the years and wonder about the real one, if there was one. But also what it represents, as the spiritual seekers ultimate goal of enlightenment.

Who does it serve? What does it serve? Thats the joy of it, as it is your own personal quest to find out. When I started to photograph my favourite Grails in the landscape some years ago something seemed to happen when I did so. A deeper communion occurred, the intense awareness of beauty and presence surrounded me. Sometimes it was to overwhelming to even carry on taking pictures. This has been a very private enterprise, but others have persuaded me that these images might be enjoyed by the public.


Whatever the outcome, I will carry on taking photographs of my Grails. The joy this experience gives me holds a special place in my life and one I want to continue to explore. But I hope, you the viewer, enjoy the images and poetry on this page. And you might find Grails on other pages of this website in the images, as they will not be contained no matter how hard I try.


My Grail



My Grail

My grail becomes a landscape

Somewhere I can travel

Back and forwards through time

But always searching for you


How can such beauty be around me

Yet I remain on my own

This is why I carry my grail with me

Its the only way I know


To reach back and forwards for you

Always releasing its song

Heaven and earth have now become one

Will you walk through time for me


And step into the summer sun

Collect this grail from me

Back to where it belongs

Back to the one I have loved for so long

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner




You replace my heart

With a poem

That reminds me of you

Every time it beats


When my courage falters

I remember your endurance

Each drop of blood I shed

Matches your quiet patience


When I return 

I always feel blessed

Such victories are so fleeting

Compared to your gentle largesse


I take up the cross

And my sword feels light

This time I may truly join you

My last battle finally in sight

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF5655 copy.jpg
The Green and The Gold

The Green and The Gold

Follow me on the path of the green and gold

Let your spirit rejoice in the renewal of life

Your footsteps light on the grass

Your heart singing like the grail

Follow me on the path of the green and gold

And find beauty in every verdant stem

Perfection in each shape

Every view like a heaven sent


Follow me on the path of the green and gold

Listen to the song of the grail

Always calling to your longing heart

Recognising a twin fate

Follow me on the path of the green and gold

Entwine your spirit with mine

Closer than you have ever been

Until you too become divine

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Dedicated to my Husband

Timeless Tales

Timeless Tales

There will be tales told of me

Of when a rich merchant

Brought me to my resting place

In the summer lands of lore

Of when fearless Knights

Rode out in the storms of blight

Amid times of continual strife

When day was always night

To discover my gift of life

And heal in the eternal light


And you will remember me

In future times to follow

When these timeless tales

Restore you when all seems lost

And you will look for me

When there seems no way back

From the ravages of wars

And you will long for my gift to you

Of these timeless tales

That speak of love, joy and soul

For Matt

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Dark Shadows

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Dark Shadows

There is no promise of eternal life

From the dark cup of the vampire

Rather an eternal death

Repeated over and over

Like the glitter of fool's gold

Falling through your fingers

This grail holds up a mirror

Of false promises long and bitter

It is but a dark shadow in the night

No light will go any further

There is nothing left to care for

No reason to stay and linger

All hopes will fall away

With no soul or beating heart

Such creatures still walk the earth

Ready to sit at your hearth

They can wander out in daylight

But save their shadows for the night

They know it is impossible to resist

When they offer this cup as a gift

DSCF2791 2.jpeg


Now comes the quiet time

At the end of the day

When I look at you

And ask if I can stay

You make me complete

My life full of promise

For when I finally know

I can be with you and remain

A little while longer you said

But you can still find me

In those deep places 

Where your mind can go

You can walk with me

Along the troubled corridors

Of your life and fate

So just come through the gate

You found another world

One you had so longed for

But never expected to be for you

On the other side of it all

You will see me with no shadow

And your light will join mine

Where you are I will follow

And together we will out run time



A Darker Light

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

DSCF0274 copy 3.jpeg

A Darker Light

Be careful what you seek

Some promises are double edged

Such delights wish to overcome the meek

But with no way out from what you pledge

It won't be long before you find yourself

Disgraced and left for dead

Look deeply into what is reflected

What has caused the shadows

To elongate and move like that

And bend around the corners

Trace the light back to its source

Be wary before you make your choice

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

One Of Many

One Of Many

One of many

But equally loved

So longed for

Often misunderstood

Can such power exist

To grant eternal life

And what would you do

If you accepted

Watch the world keep revolving

And all your loved pass you in death

The Grail's true power is in understanding

That a leap of faith

Reaches further than mortality

Your spirit finds a homecoming

Beyond your imagining

Beyond all grief and forgiveness

Loss and pain

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

Song Of Sorrow

Song Of Sorrow

I contain the blood of the past

And all the blood of the future

At some point you will want reconciliation

On your personal altar

My cup runneth over

With blood that has been spilled

How many more does there need to be

Until everybody has been killed?

Can a cup hold too much blood

When does it reach saturation point

Or will it keep soaking it up

Like the warriors of old all gobbled up

The dead were poured in

Hoping for resurrection to begin

Ready to fight again

The flame rising for a fleeting moment

But it is only a short glory

One part of the endless story

Fading into history

Barely glimpsed but still there

But that's the lure

Of the promise of life everlasting

Repeating repeating

Always stopping but not really starting

Do you want to live again

False blood in your veins

Be honest be sure

Do you want to come back for more

My tears are now of blood

Running down my face

Is there any hope left for you

In this desolate place


This earth that I once called my home

Now you are all throwing stones 

Any target will suffice

Especially if it is thrown with vice

Evil likes to use labels

It laughs when you mention Babel

Many voices all talking at once

Because is this not the truth of it all

Nobody is listening to those you once loved

All that is left after all these years

Is the scent of dried blood

And the screams in your ears

Photography and Poetry

By Shelley Turner

This work was created in October 2023

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