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Spiritual Images and Poetry

Exploring the Silver Thread of Life

All my life I have been drawn to the otherworld. It has fascinated and followed me until the edges have become blurred as to which reality I exist in. I never feel alone in the landscapes or churches I visit, often aware of a presence nearby. This can be an uplifting experience, but sometimes it can be achingly sad, and I am compelled to tell their stories.

I have always been a photographer, taking many on film in the past, but now my present digital camera is joining me on a new journey. This time I am trying to capture the essence of the spiritual presence as I am experiencing it at the time. That elusive silver thread that connects our mortal lives to the spiritual.


As a poet and writer, I love contemplating the images I take, words reaching out to wrap around my soul, and the creative impulse results in poetry, enriching the images. The two are entwined thereafter, connecting on different sensory levels. 

It is my hope that others will find meanings in these pieces, that they might provide time to reflect, and explore the otherworld for themselves.

Respectful Notice.

Please be advised that all photography and text on the pages of this website are the property of Shelley Turner. Please do not copy or reproduce any content without the express permission of

Shelley Turner. Thank you. 












Celtic Cross, Wilmington Churchyard, East Sussex, England.

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